I am a problem solver.
I learn and adapt quickly.

Clients come to me with their random creative ideas, and I will always find a way to make their ideas come to fruition. At times this requires learning and successfully completing a new skill within a short amount of time.
Often, it also requires the teaching of that skill to the client.

I am organized.
I am thorough.

Being solely responsible for projects that contain a large amount of data that cannot be recreated or duplicated, I think and process with careful and accurate attention to details.

I am collaborative.
I am an effective communicator.

Working in close quarters with emotionally charged artists for long hours has taught me the delicate art of calm, supportive and honest dialogue. I enjoy the back and forth of creative energy, and thrive on new ideas that challenge and ultimately improve myself.
I am also bilingual, speaking both French and English.


Daily Use


Ableton Live (10+ years)
Steinberg Cubase Pro (10+ years)
Steinberg Wavelab (10+ years)
Propellerheads Reason (10+ years)
Propellerheads Recycle (10+ years)
NI Traktor Pro 2 (5 years)
Mixed In Key (1 year)



Arturia V Collection (2 years)
Adam Szabo JP6K (2 years)
Lennar Digital Sylenth (2 years)
Native Instruments Kontakt (7 years)
Slate Digital SSD (1 year)
Sonic Projects OP-X II (2 years)
Spectrasonics Omisphere (2 years)


Celemony Melodyne (5 years)
Dada Life Sausage Fattener (2 years)
Izotope Ozone (4 years)
Izotope Trash (4 years)
Line 6 Podfarm (5 years)
NI Guitar Rig (7 years)
Slate Digital VMR (1 year)
Slate Digtal VBC (1 year)
Slate Digital VTM (1 year)
Solid State Logic Channel Strip
and Buss Comp (7 years)
Valhalla Room (1 year)
Valhalla Vintage Verb (1 year)
Waves select plugins (10 years+)



Adobe Photoshop (10+ years)
Adobe Premiere (10+ years)

Experience With


Logic Pro
Fruity Loops
Virtual DJ



GForce Imposcar
GForce M-Tron
Korg Legacy Collection
Native Instruments Absynth
Native Instruments FM8
Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments Razor
Native Instrument Monark
Rop Papen Albino
Sonic Academy ANA
Spectrasonics Trillian
Waldorf PPG Wave


2C Aether
Audioease Altiverb
Audioease Speakerphone
IK Multimedia Amplitube
Kazrog Recabinet
Waves select plugins



Adobe After Effects
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom
Wordpress (X Theme)
Arkaos GrandVJ


Audio Producer / Engineer / Writer

Freelance 2003 – Present
I have been working with clients in their home studios, or in local recording studios such as Greenhouse Studios and the Farm (now Nimbus School of Recording Arts). It is always an interesting challenge to setup, produce and record bands in different locations, many of them not ideal for recording.

Graphic Design

TYCI  2014 – Present
Originally I was assisting my then girlfriend with weekly playlist cover designs.  Soon I was solely responsible the daily inspirational pieces and still contributing to the weekly playlist covers.

Audio Production Tutor

Freelance  2008 – 2013
Private tutoring of clients in many aspects of digital music production such as creative sampling and manipulation, sound acquisition and data basing, synthesis fundamentals, recording / mixing techniques, and setting up home studios.  Many times, the client would know very little about music creation and we would be starting from an introduction to their DAW of choice.  Many of these clients went on to successfully record, produce and release their own music.

Website Design / Video Editor

Dr Rebecca Stephens 2013 – 2014
This instructional video was created on a limited budget, and shot, edited and delivered within 24 hours with less than a day of script development and prep.  I had closed down my studio already, and we did the voice over work in the bathroom at my apartment.  It was a great challenge and the Dr. Stephens and her clients were very pleased with the quick results.   Shortly after, I was hired to create a new wordpress site using’s X theme.  Having had no prior training in wordpress, I learned the basics and completed her site within three weeks.

IT Consultant / Video Editor

The Next Institute 2013
Before taking a sabbatical, I assisted the Next Institute in researching new computers and smartphones that fit their needs, hardware and cloud backup strategies, and video editing, data basing and conversion for online delivery.

Audio Producer / Engineer / Writer / Founder

Depthcharge Studios  2002 – 2012
The studio was created to provide a comfortable, inviting, and artist friendly space, as a result of my own experiences as a musician.  During the decade, I fulfilled the vision of local bands and solo artists from many different genres through co-writing, recording, producing and mixing. Not only did I learn a lot about technology and audio during this time, but also how to communicate effectively with clients, achieving tight deadlines, intense focus for lengthy periods of time, sorting, editing and managing large amounts of project assets, having an open mind to new ideas, and learning quickly on the job.

Professional Musician

Autoviolet 2006 – 2012
I formed the band in 2003, and programmed samples, played guitars, keyboards and was the principal writer.  We were signed to Lorito management, QSO publishing, and Neutrino records in NYC for the six years I was a part of the band.  As the leader of the band, I was in charge of creating an image and writing copy for the band’s press,  working with management on branding strategies,  creating and maintaining deadlines with the other members, and  developing playback and a back line for the band that was capable of recreating the multi tracked samples of album for live performance.

Audio Post Production

Different Drummer Films  2011
I was hired to head up the audio post for the award winning documentary “Donkey Love”.  Primarily, I cleaned and edited location audio, recorded and mixed narration,  edited the existing score, and composed and mixed the additional score.  I also added some ADR and Foley to choice segments.

DJ / Promoter / Live Sound Engineer

The Arch Nightclub 2004 – 2007
During the great Myspace party days, our nights at the Arch nightclub were at the forefront.  I helped revamp the aging nightclub by redesigning the interior, upgrading the sound system and lights, hiring DJs and acts, and successfully promoting one of Vancouver’s premiere alternative club nights.  I also assisted in the music night at the venue by researching and assembling the live sound reinforcement, hiring additional staff, and booking acts. Unfortunately the nightclub had to close their doors due to rezoning.

Programmer / Designer / Video Editor

Actorpak Demo Reels 2001 – 2002
After graduating from Vancouver Film School’s Digital Multimedia Authoring program, I co-founded Actorpak with a friend in the movie industry.  He had found may actors were looking for a product to help them stand out.  Using Adobe’s (now retired) Director program and Premiere, I edited actors’ demo reels and created DVD presentations with custom interactive GUI and action scripts.  We ultimately ended the company as technology was not yet available to move forward with our goals.


Online Study

Sonic Academy, Groove3, MacPro Video,, etc  2009 – Present
Audio and technology is constantly improving, and introducing more powerful and inspiring tools.  I dedicate a portion of every day to learning about the latest techniques and programs available, and how I can incorporate them within my existing setup and skill set.  I am also looking to expand my focus with online courses in Unity and Wwise, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, and constantly refining my Photoshop skills.

Personal Mentorship

Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Carly Rae Jepsen)  2007
In Autoviolet, I was fortunate enough to spend the better part of 8 months working with Dave on our first EP.  He was (and is) one of my biggest influences for his amazing work on some of my favorite records growing up.  During our time together, he taught me a great deal about the art and the techniques he is renowned for, and helped create who I am today.

Course: Adobe Flash

Langara College 2000
Back when Flash was the next big thing, I completed a 4 month immersive program on functionality, design and scripting within Adobe’s Flash.  I used this to assist me in creating interactive websites and online audio playback apps.

Digital Multimedia Authoring

Vancouver Film School 2000
I completed an immersive program on multimedia and CDrom authoring with Adobe Director, and it’s potential to be delivered online via  Shockwave and Flash.  Following my completion of this course, I went on to create interactive CDs for local musicians and founded Actorpak Demo Reels.

Personal Mentorship

Lee Preston (NIN, Primal Scream, Atari Teenage Riot) 1998 – 1999
An 18 month working mentorship at Manor St. Studios and Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver, BC.  Lee had trained at Roundhouse Studios in London, and introduced and trained me in the emerging digital recording technology.  I also assisted in the setup and construction of Manor St. Studios.

Studio Internship

Turtle Recording Studios, Vancouver BC 1997-1998
A 6 month intensive program with three other students where we learned hands on the fundamentals of recording and mixing.  After completing the course,  I was asked to stay with the studio.  I assisted with in house and on location recordings of musicians, as well as studio gear maintenance and administrative tasks.

Course: Music Industry and Business

BCIT technical college, Vancouver BC 1997
A 6 month program on the workings of the music industry, and strategies for musicians and entrepreneurs.