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An Overview

Below is an overview of the latest projects I have had the opportunity of working on.
Each project has a brief description of what it’s concept is, and my role in achieving it’s goal.

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Gretchen (vocalist) and I started this project after meeting through a Craigslist ad at the end of 2012.  In a complete life parallel, we were both in Los Angeles visiting friends after leaving our bands earlier that summer.

Kabiria’s sound reflects our love of indie pop music, 80s and 90s R&B and sample heavy G-Funk.  Our first official EP is due out at the end of 2015.

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In Kabiria, I am responsible for creating the instrumentation and the recording and production of the songs.

Because of the multi layering of “chopped” samples, I am using Ableton Live for it’s powerful and flexible time stretching capabilities with audio clips, and slice to midi track feature to create MPC style banks.  Vocal recording and mixing is handled by Cubase Pro.

I am also using Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Arturia MiniMoogV and Oberheim SEM V, and select Native Instruments Kontakt libraries for the bass, arp, lead synth, and pad sounds.  Ableton native plugins are mainly being used for effects, in addition to select Waves plugins, Line 6 Podfarm and Audio Damage Dubstation.

All songs are being recorded in a makeshift isolation booth in my apartment, using the setup outlined here.

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From 2002 to 2012, I was the owner and operator of Depthcharge Studios, an artist driven recording studio in Vancouver, Canada.

We specialized in helping develop local singer / songwriters in all genres, as well as one on one tutoring in music production, hardware / software setup and troubleshooting, and setting up a home studio.

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In the studio, I learned a lot about working within delicate creative situations where artists and their interests had to be dealt with diplomatically, while keeping one foot planted in reality.

The studio stood out as we never rushed clients, and instead focused on the quality and satisfaction of the client rather than simply pushing up faders.  Throughout the decade of it’s existence, we had nearly 100% return clients, and many I continue to assist today.

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TYCI is run by a handful of artists, musicians, bloggers, writers and producers in Glasgow. It is a website, zine, radio show, podcast and live event series promoting all things femme, with contributors now based across the world.

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Initially my girlfriend started to volunteer as the first international contributor, but as she has become busier with work I have taken over the majority of the reoccurring design posts.

My work for TYCI consists of designing daily inspirational posts.  It includes proof reading, researching and curating images from online sources, designing and creating web ready daily posts.  I also research, design, and create web ready weekly playlist covers and track lists

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